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Just Alex

Xander Stone is one of the hottest popstars in the world. His songs are on every radio station. His face graces the cover of every top magazine, especially the tabloids.

Everyone adores him.

Except me.

I hate him.

Xander Stone took away the one person I care about more than anything. My best friend.

Oh, and the real kicker? Xander Stone is my best friend. At least he was at one time. Back when he was just Alex.

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The Change Up

Cover by Christine Cover Design

Once upon a time, it was Camden and Peyton against the world. Then she broke his heart and he left town to pursue his dream of becoming a major league pitcher. Now Cam is back and Peyton is ready to make amends, but the only way that can happen is if she tells him the truth about why she broke up with him years ago. She knows there will be consequences when Cam learns the truth and they could possibly cost him his baseball career, which is the last thing Peyton wants. Will Cam be able to forgive and forget, or will he make a disastrous decision that could ruin their future forever?

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