WIP Wednesday

Hey guys! Here’s an update on my current WIPs.

Silver Linings Book 4: I still haven’t decided on a title just yet, but I am looking at about 55,000 words so far. It’s getting there! I just need to get the ending right. Everything I’ve tried hasn’t quite fit, and let me tell you, when you delete 15,000+ words over and over again it takes a toll on you. It has been very disheartening, but I know it will get there. Right now, Evan Mitchell is not cooperating. (Go figure, right? He is a Mitchell after all.) My goal is to get this one to you early-ish in the upcoming year.

New Standalone: This is a friends to lovers story. Since it is still a very rough, incomplete draft, I don’t want to give out too many details. Everything could change A LOT before its release. I can tell you it is sitting at about 60,000 words so far and I have a working title.  This one has been draining. In fact, I had recently decided to scrap the whole thing. (Gasp!) Yesterday, the characters and I had a heart-to-heart and they convinced me not to give up on them just yet. (Whew!) I’m not sure when I will get this one to you yet. It needs a lot of work still.

Silver Linings Book 5: (Say what?) Don’t ask my how it happened, but I’ve actually written several chapters for this one already.  Some characters are impatient and don’t know how to wait their turn I guess. Although I must admit that I’m anxious for them to finally get their happy ending. (And I’m pretty sure you are, too.)

Of course I have multiple ideas jotted down for future stories, but I need to finish these first. I am hoping 2019 will be better for me, writing wise. This past year was a whirlwind and I honestly have no idea where the time went!

Happy Reading!


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